Don’t Wait to Write Your Book!

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2014 is now a week away. Seven whole days. Now, are you one of those people who have decided to that for 2014 you want to have a published book? You want to have that book now. But how?

Alright so here are my top 5 for 2014 on how to get that book started now instead of waiting for the New Year to hit!

1-      Brainstorm your idea. What do you want in that book of yours? What do you want to how do you want to write it

2-      Get a few good goals. If you don’t know where you want to go with your book you’ll find yourself lost while writing it.

3-      Find out who your reader is. You’ll want to know who wants your book. Need is never enough. No one ever wants to buy what they need. They are not passionate it about they just buy it because they have to. Since this is the case word of mouth about the product won’t make it around. Thus why you need to create a book with the information that people want to read not need to read.

4-      Know how your book is going to be different. Take a look at all the books that are in your genre. Get to know the authors who have written the most books and present themselves as experts already. You’ll want to make sure that your book is different than the ones that are already out there.

5-      Do the work. Now it’s time to get out there and write it all out.

Alright now that you have my top 5 ideas for to get you started writing in 2014 – Tell me how you’re going to start on these top 5 to start or finish your book!

Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean

Ghostwriter, Editor, Author Coach & CEO at Fearless Publications
Natalie Jean is a ghostwriter, editor and author coach for business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators. She specializes in working with business owners who are looking to write business books related to their industries that enable them to become experts in their industry and increase their revenue.
Natalie Jean

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