What Does Your Book Say about Your Brand?

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When you started writing your book did you think of the edgy, yet classy cover that it would have slapped on its front? How the colors would jump off the shelf and into the reader’s hands like candy? Did you think about how the inside would be branded to suit your promotion and how you would market the book?

Did I just make your head spin? Don’t worry that happens a lot. Branding your book starts before you even start thinking about the cover. It’s true the cover matters. So does the title. Those things sell it to publishers and readers right out the gate, along with word of mouth and the back cover. Sadly, if you’re homerun is hit the wrong way you’ll end up hearing the words foul ball instead of it’s out of here.

That’s what everyone wants with their book- A home run. It starts with three things: the mission, the content, and the branding.

Branding is not just for businesses- it’s for products. You have to think of your book as giving something your readers can’t get elsewhere. What makes your book unique? Are you educating them? What about your experiences, stories, and knowledge make this book a one of a kind?

Lastly what do you want this book to say about you? What adjectives do you want people who review this book to use when referring to the author?

Write down the things you want to hear. Do they match where the book is right now? Do you have successful stories told by a successful author? Do you tell stories of adventure to convey courage and fearlessness? Do you make others feel like you’re an expert by giving them the easy guide to what you’re trying to teach?

Your readers aren’t the only ones who are going to be reading these books. You never know who might pick them up- members of the press, other authors, agents, publishers, editors, ghostwriters, or your competition. We all read. We all check out each other’s books. If you write your book right you never know who will knock on your door wanting to work with you.

Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean

Ghostwriter, Editor, Author Coach & CEO at Fearless Publications
Natalie Jean is a ghostwriter, editor and author coach for business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators. She specializes in working with business owners who are looking to write business books related to their industries that enable them to become experts in their industry and increase their revenue.
Natalie Jean

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