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How Telling the Story of a Failure Can Make a Good Book

How telling the story of a failure can make a good book
Contrary to popular belief, I like to think of rejection and failure as a footnote or a good conflict within in a story, rather than the moment where someone should give up or call it a day, hang up their coat, and go home. The best stories are those of the underdogs. Think of the movie Rudy which is a movie about the kid from a blue collar family rises up to play football even if it’s just for a moment and gain the love of his team, coaches, and fans. (Side note: the movie is based on the true story of Dan Ruettiger who played for Notre Dame.) Even if you’re not a football fan anyone can relate to a story where everyone including their own family and friends has told them you can’t make it, yet you still work as hard as you can to reach that goal.

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How to NOT Sell Your Books

How to not sell your books

Do you want to sell your book to your audience? Everyone does.
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Why You Don’t Need to Wait for Inspriation to Strike You

Why you don't need to wait for inspriation to strike you
Inspiration is one of those things we are trained to think someone can be blessed with like luck or creativity. Inspiration is seen as a spark of enlightenment given to us by some force where all of the puzzle pieces come from no where and those pieces are gracefully are placed together with ease.
NEWS FLASH: This concept we’ve created isn’t completely true. You can in fact harness “inspiration” and make it work for you when you want it to.

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